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  • Tổng đài Openscape Business X8

    Tổng đài Openscape Business X8

    Model: Openscape Business X8

    Từ các tính năng điện thoại truyền thống mạnh mẽ đển các tính năng phong phú của giải pháp truyền thông hợp nhất (UC),OpenScape Business có khả năng cung cấp cho các doanh nghiệp có tới 500 thuê bao, hoặc 1000 thuê bao trong một mạng liên kết, với các giải pháp đáp ứng nhu cầu của doanh nghiệp.
  • Tổng đài OpenScape Business - X5R (Rack)

    Tổng đài OpenScape Business - X5R (Rack)

    Model: X5R (Rack)

    OpenScape Business X3R & X5R are communication systems in a 19-inch rack mount case that can be mounted in a 19-inch rack, as a standalone unit (desktop operation) or as a wall-mounted uni
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200

    OpenScape Desk Phone CP200

    Model: CP200

    We took the evolution of the entry level desk top device seriously, delivering a feature rich, cost effective phone with superior audio quality, ideal for many users with UC / CTI support.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400

    OpenScape Desk Phone CP400

    Model: CP400

    This mid-tier device brings a larger display with numerous programmable keys, ideal for of fice and team environments.
  • OpenStage 60

    OpenStage 60

    Model: OpenStage 60

    Designed for power users, with crystal-clear HD voice, a vivid LCD display and a wide range of features. OpenStage 60 is available for TDM and HFA* environments.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600

    OpenScape Desk Phone CP600

    Model: CP600

    This powerhouse device is more than a phone – as well as HD audio and all the quality voice capabilities you’d expect from Unify, the CP600 is ideal for the collaborative workplace and includes many interoperability features such as Circuit conversation integration, NFC, and Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.1 LE. The CP600 is wall mountable and can also be expanded with an optional key module. OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 is available for HFA* and SIP environments.  
  • OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G

    OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G

    Model: IP 55G

    An innovative premium device especially designed to meet the needs of senior managers and executives. Premium features, materials and components are combined in an extraordinary design. OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G is designed for SIP environments.
  • OpenStage 40

    OpenStage 40

    Model: OpenStage 40

    A great match for desk sharers, team workers and call center staff, thanks to its large display and customizability. OpenStage 40 is available for TDM and HFA* environments.
  • OpenStage 30

    OpenStage 30

    Ideal for specialists who frequently place outbound calls, OpenStage 30 features a large array of configurable function keys and expansion modules. OpenStage 30 is available for TDM environments.
  • OpenStage 15

    OpenStage 15

    Exceptional performance in an affordable, easy-to-use Device for a wide variety of users, especially mass deployments. OpenScape 15 is available for TDM and HFA* environments.
  • OpenStage 10

    OpenStage 10

    Our entry-level phone, delivering crystal-clear voice quality and elegant design. OpenStage 10 is available for TDM environments.
  • OpenScape 4000 Eco Server

    OpenScape 4000 Eco Server

    Model: OpenScape 4000

    The sweet spot of unified communications. As part of the OpenScape Enterprise portfolio, OpenScape 4000 bridges the gap from legacy digital communications to IP-based unified communications. Both reside side-by-side in the same enterprise, on the same platform. 

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