OpenScape 4000 Eco Server

Model: OpenScape 4000

The sweet spot of unified communications.

As part of the OpenScape Enterprise portfolio, OpenScape 4000 bridges the gap from legacy digital communications to IP-based unified communications. Both reside side-by-side in the same enterprise, on the same platform. 

EcoServer is the new system control unit of OpenScape 4000The 1,5 rack units sized 19 inch housing contains the complete Simplex control unit including the alarm interfaces and connectors for AP3x00 Access Points. According to the Unify Green IT-Roadmap we strive where ever it is possible to acquire environmental labeling.

Unify is an active PARTNER in the ENERGY STAR program for Enterprise-Server and has been certified the OpenScape 4000 EcoServer by ENERGY STAR Programm specification.

OpenScape 4000 EcoServer is powerful, offers high energy efficiency and received the ENERGY STAR® in the alternating current variant* (AC). 

* Currently the ENERGY STAR certification is not available for direct current (DC) equiment.

Sales representatives should be informed about formalities of ENERGY STAR ecolabel, which are strictly controlled by American environmental protection agency:

  • The characters ‚ENERGY STAR‘ must be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • The ENERGY STAR product brand (as labeled on the front side of the OpenScape 4000 EcoServer) is only allowed to use at the product or for descriptions nearby the certificated product.
  • For generally reference on ENERGY STAR, the ENERGY STAR partner brand as shown on the right hand side is allowed to use. It should include the hint, that Unify is active partner in the program for Enterprise-Server at ENERGY STAR. If the context allows it is also possible to give a hint that we are active partner in the telephony program.

EcoServer will be delivered with one SSD (Solid-State-Drive) and one AC or DC power supply. A second SSD as well as a power supply can be ordered separately.

As an option it is possible to have a mixed configuration of AC and DC power supplies. That offers a maximum of redundancy possibilities to the customer.

The Duplex-control will be realized via a CrossConnect Kabel which connects 2 EcoServer. For the integration in 30 inch boxes a specific adapter can be ordered.

A Duplex system will be delivered with 2 SSD (one at each EcoServer). That results on the high reliability of the delivered server grade SSD. Of course it is possible to order a third SSD for data protection.

By ordering EcoServer as DC variant a DCDR fuse panel with four fuses will be delivered automatically. It can be mounted directly in the 19 inch server rack or together with the 30 inch adapter.

Remark: For call control survivability functionality AP emergency in branches with IP Access Points AP3x00 a DSCXL2 Server blade is still needed.

Openscape 4000 Eco Server

Trung kế Giao tiếp mạng Giao tiếp user Platform dịch vụ
  • S0 (BRI)
  • E1 (PRI 30 kênh)
  • T1 (PRI 24 kênh)
  • Analog
  • Native SIP
  • Basic rate S0/Primary rate E1
  • Analog (MFC-R2,E&M)
  • Trung kế IP (H.323)
  • Trung kế SIP kết nối đến platform của Hipath bằng giao thức SIP-Q
  • Trung kế Native SIP tương tác IP với bên thứ 3
  • UP0/E - Cặp dây kết nối với điện thoại Openstage T
  • Hipath Feature Access (HFA)
  • Native SIP cho thiết bị đầu cuối IP
  • S0 bus
  • Cổng S0 để đấu nối ISDN
  • Cổng a/b để đấu nối thiết bị analog
  • Giao thức https
  • Remote access
  • SNMP proxy agent
  • SFTP để backup và restore

Unify Openscape 4000 Eco Server

Number of directly connected Access Points Up to 15 Access Points
Number of IP-Distributed Access Points Up to 83 Access Points
Number of TDM and IP  Subscribers Up to 12,000 users
Air temperature in operation (air cooling) +5 °C to +40 °C
Relative air humidity  max. 85 %
OpenScape 4000 EcoServer Dimensions 482.6 x 66.7 x 360 (1.5 U) - max. 7kg
OpenScape AP 3700 Dimensions 440 x 445 x 433 (11 U) - max. 25kg
OpenScape AP 3700 IP Dimensions 440 x 445 x 433 (11 U) - max. 22kg
Safety EN60950
EMC emission  EN55022 Class A
EMC immunity  EN55024 and EN1000-6-2

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