Model: O9500R

The Loop-O9500R SDH/SONET IMAP (Integrated Multi-Services Access Platform) is an economical STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) access multiplexer designed to provide integrated access to STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) optical lines.

The Loop-O9500R SDH/SONET IMAP (Integrated Multi-Services Access Platform) is an economical STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) access multiplexer designed to provide integrated access to STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) optical lines. Access is provided through either a non-blocking VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 cross-connect with HS tributary modules or through an additional non-blocking DS0 cross-connect fabric with LS tributary modules.

With up to 4 STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate interfaces on cross-connect modules and 8 STM-1 (OC-3) interfaces on tributaries, the Loop-O9500R SDH/SONET IMAP offers service providers a versatile protection schemes including SNCP(UPSR) and MSP(1+1) protection for both ring and linear network topologies. The O9500R can work with the Loop-O9100 and Loop-O9400 in the same topology.

The non-blocking VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 cross-connect capability on High Speed (HS) is up to 20 VC4. The HS tributary modules include optical STM-1/4 (OC-3/12), E3/T3, E1/T1 interfaces, FOM and Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48). Ethernet signals are mapped onto STM payload through standard techniques such as GFP, LAPS, VCAT, LCAS, and non-LCAS. These HS modules are identical to those used in the rack version of the Loop-O9400.

The uplink non-blocking DS0 cross-connect to HS is up to 21 E1 or 28 T1.  The non-blocking DS0 cross-connect capability on Low Speed (LS) is up to 768 DS0. Through a full non-blocking DS0 cross-connect and together can act as a mini DACS. The modules include variety of TDM, IP, and voice interfaces detailed on next page. All LS modules are identical to those used in rack version of the Loop-AM3440.

All interfaces are fully compliant with the relevant ETSI standards and ITU recommendations. The O9500R SDH/SONET IMAP provides full Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) functionality. Users can easily operate the O9500R locally or remotely for centralized management with Loop-iNET (EMS) and Loop-iNMS (Integrated NMS).

  • 6U height, full front access (ETSI) shelf
  • TM, ADM and DCS (full cross-connect) at DS0, VC11, VC12, VC3, VC4
  • Aggregate cross-connect modules (controller modules)
    • Up to STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate lines with software configuration (CC16)
    • Up to STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) aggregate lines with software configuration (CC4)
  • Hot-swappable cross-connect modules, tributary modules and power modules.
  • Tributary Modules
    • High-Speed (High Density) access  tributary modules (HS)
    • Low-Speed access tributary modules (LS)
  • Power Modules
    • DC Module (-48/-125/-250 Vdc)
    • Dual Power (1+1) Protection
  • Protection Scheme
    • Tributary protection
      • E1/T1: card, port, line
      • E3/T3: line
      • B155/622: MSP, SNCP/UPSR
      • Ethernet
      • 7 FOM: line
    • Cross-connect unit (XCU) protection
      • MSP
      • SNCP/UPSR
      • 4GE
  • DS0-SNCP protection
  • External/Internal/Line timing source with SSM
  • Ethernet supports GFP, LAPS, VCAT, LCAS and non-LCAS
  • Ethernet Order Wire (EOW) using VoIP technology
  • Alarm suppression, masking and reports
  • Management
    • Console port, VT100 menu-driven  
    • SNMP Port
    • Telnet and SSH
    • Centralized management with Loop’s EMS/NMS over DCC channel
    • Loop-iNET GUI EMS
    • TMN management(Loop-iNMS) with full FCAPS and end-to-end circuit management
  • RoHS compliant

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    The Loop-O9400R STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) is a standards-compliant high density SDH/SONET ADM/TM with a full T1/E1 cross-connect rack system. Data sheet    
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    Thiết bị STM1/4 - O9550R-C


    Per chassis single STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) optical ring uplinks Up to four STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) aggregate lines that are software configurable Capacity for 5 single slots and 4 mini plug-in slots Non-blocking N x 64 Kbps for 252 E1 or 336 T1 for data and voice channel transmission for uplink site Maximum of 36 E1 or 24 T1 in the tributary interfaces
  • Loop-O9100 ADM/TM

    Loop-O9100 ADM/TM


    The Loop-O9100 ADM/TM is an economic, compact STM1 ADM & TM Multiplexer designed to add and drop up to the following:  
  • Loop-O9100



    This device is a versatile STM1 ADM TM multiplexer with a small footprint.
  • Loop-O9170S



    Loop-O9170S is an economical, cost-effective SDH STM-1 Mux designed to combine digital access interfaces including TDM, IP, and voice interfaces into STM-1 optical lines for convenient transport and switching. Through STM-1 uplink, O9170S provides VC-12 standard E1s and Ethernet supporting VCAT, GFP, and LCAS protocol.



    SDH / SONET multiplexer ADM / TM - O9400S The Loop-O9400S ADM/TM is a compact, economic STM1/4 (OC-3/12) ADM & TM multiplexer.