Loop-O9100 ADM/TM

Model: Loop-O9100

The Loop-O9100 ADM/TM is an economic, compact STM1 ADM & TM Multiplexer designed to add and drop up to the following:


All interfaces are fully compliant with the relevant ITU recommendations. The Loop-ADM provides powerful Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) functionality including fault management,performance monitoring, configuration management, and network security management. Through a console port, LAN port,and a DCC channel, the OAM&P can be used both locally and remotely via SNMP or menu-driven interfaces.

The Loop-ADM provides a complete set of operation interfaces that are consistent with the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) concept (ITU Recommendation M.30,G.784) for SDH Network Element/ Operations System (NE/OS), NE/NE, and NE/Craft communications. Users can easily operate the Loop-ADM locally or remotely for centralized management.

Loop-O9100 ADM/TM is an economic, compact STM1 ADM & TM Multiplexer designed to add & drop up to the following:
For 1U shelf:
-56 x E1/T1 tributaries
-3 x DS3/E3 tributaries
-4 x 10/100M Ethernet tributaries
For 3U shelf:
-112 x E1/T1 tributaries
- 6 x DS3/E3 tributaries
- 12 x 10/100M Ethernet tributaries

With up to 4 aggregate optical/electrical STM-1 interfaces, the Loop-ADM can offer the service provider a versatile protection scheme including SNCP-I and MSP (1+1) protection for both ring and linear network topologies.

  • 1U and 3U case options, ANSI shelf (front and rear access)
  • Rack mount, wall mount, and standalone
  • TM, ADM
  • Multiple tributary modules (optional):
    • 4/12/20/28-channel E1/DS1 fixed on base unit
    • Hot-swappable tributary module (3U case only):
      • 28-channel E1/DS1 module
      • 1/3-channel E3/DS3 module
      • 4-port Ethernet module with or without switch
  • Redundant hot-swappable AC/DC power card
  • SNCP-I protection
  • Optional MSP (1+1) protection
  • Expandable number of STM-1 aggregate interfaces
  • Centralized management with Loop’s EMS/NMS over DCC channel
  • External/Internal/Line timing
  • Support VCAT, GFP, and LCAS
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alarm suppression, masking, and reporting
  • Switched option for Ethernet card to support Ethernet lease line service and virtual LAN
  • Ethernet Order Wire (EOW) using VoIP technology
  • RoHS compliant