Distance Protection Relay -SIPROTEC 7SA82


The distance protection relay SIPROTEC 7SA82 is part of the new SIPROTEC 5 series of modular field devices.

This device is especially designed for cost effective and compact medium voltage and sub-transmission application areas.
With its flexibility and its high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, the SIPROTEC 7SA82 fits perfectly for protection, control, monitoring, and measuring applications in electrical energy systems

Main function:

SIPROTEC Distance Protection for medium an sub-transmission


3-pole, min. tripping time 19 ms

Inputs and outputs:

4 current transformers,
4 voltage transformers (optional),
11 or 23 binary inputs,
9 or 16 binary outputs

Hardware flexibility:

Various hardware quantity structures are available for binary inputs and outputs in the 1/3 base module, it is not possible to add 1/6 expansion modules, available with large and small display

Width of housing:

1/3 x 19''


  • Compact and cost effective distance protection device
  • High-performance protection features guarantee safety
  • Data security and transparency throughout the entire life cycle of the system save time and reduce costs
  • Clear and easy-to-use devices and software thanks to user-friendly design
  • Increased quality and reliability of the engineering process
  • High degree of overall safety and security based on thorough implementation
  • High-performance communications components guarantee safe and effective solutions
  • Full compatibility with IEC 61850 Edition 1 and 2
  • Future proof system solutions  provide high investment security and low operation costs
  • Recognition of static, intermittent and transient ground faults (transient function) in resonant-grounded and iso-lated networks
  • Adaptive power swing blocking
  • Detection of CT saturation for fast tripping and high accuracy at the same time
  • Arc protection
  • Power protection, configurable as active or reactive power protection
  • Undervoltage-controlled reactive power protection
  • Control, synchrocheck and system interlocking
  • Powerful automation with graphical CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
  • Support of single line in small and large displays
  • Integrated electrical Ethernet port J for DIGSI and com-plete IEC 61850 functionality (reporting and GOOSE)
  • Two optional pluggable communication modules, usable for different and redundant protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus TCP, DNP3 (serial and TCP)
  • Serial protection data communication via fiber-optic cable, two-wire connections and communication net-works (IEEE C37.94 et al.) including automatic switch between ring and chain topology
  • High available Ethernet redundancy protocols PRP and HSR
  • Cyber Security acc. NERC CIP and BDEW Whitepaper
  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) for synchrophasor-measured values and IEEE C37.118 protocol
  • Time synchronization using IEEE 1588
  • Powerful fault recording
  • Additional functions for simple tests and easy commis-sioning

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