hiT 7025 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform

Model: hiT 7025

hiT 7025
Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
Flexible, Cost-Effective MSPP for Converged Networks


The Coriant™ hiT 7025 is a flexible Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) that enables true multi-service provisioning and serves the requirements of converged voice and data networks.
The hiT 7025 is highly versatile in terms of both its applications and possible configurations. While covering the complete range from an STM-1 to an STM-16 system, the compact ADM-4 or ultra-compact multi-ADM-16 will form the prime usage.
The hiT 7025 supports any mix of PDH, SDH and Ethernet interfaces which enables the platform to support various scenarios within transport networks. Key applications include the optimization of SDH/PDH networks and efficient migration towards packet-based transport.
The hiT 7025 offers a High Order cross-connection capacity up to 33G and a Low Order cross-connection capacity up to 10G. It supports a variety of data interfaces including Ethernet and industry-standard PDH/SDH. In addition, the system supports Ethernet Layer 2 switching functionality, providing reliable and efficient data transport. The card commonality with other hiT 70xx Series products streamlines spares management and operational logistics.
The hiT 7025 fits seamlessly into existing SDH networks, thereby protecting operators’ network investments, and is fully compliant with ITU-T and/or IEEE standards, supporting multi-vendor interworking.

The hiT 7025 can be deployed as a terminal multiplexer (TMX), an add-drop multiplexer (ADMX), a local cross-connect (LXC) or a multi-ring terminal (MRT) in point-to-point, chain and ring topologies and ring interconnections. The hiT 7025 is a compact, cost-effective solution, offering competitive connectivity from STM-1 to multiple STM-16, for TDM and data. The flexible design supports point-to-multipoint connections and aggregation via an integrated Layer 2 switch, enabling the creation of VPNs. Carrier services can be offered via Ethernet, leased lines, SDH, VLAN or VPN applications.
The hiT 7025 gives network operators a unique competitive advantage by transporting flexible Ethernet services from business customers using reliable SDH technology. Furthermore, the Ethernet services can be offered with high quality (carrier grade) as well as best-effort service.


The hiT 7025 enables network operators to deliver data and voice services, including bandwidth-on-demand, flexible enterprise virtual private networks and customized service level agreements.
The hiT 7025 can seamlessly integrate into the existing network infrastructure to help protect existing investments. The small form factor pluggable (SFP) optical modules allow “under-equipping” of interface cards to support different applications cost-effectively. Long-haul and short-haul interfaces can be mixed on one card. As less equipment is needed, network operators can realize capital and operating cost savings.
The hiT 7025 is fully managed by the Coriant™ Network Management System, which provides end-to-end administration and performance monitoring for the complete next-generation SDH network, improving operating efficiency and simplifying network operations. Faster service provisioning helps drive service delivery cost reductions. The hiT 7025 enables significant reductions in operating and capital expenditures, providing network operators with an extremely cost-efficient platform for multi-service support.

hiT 7025 MSPP
 ■ Provides a highly versatile MSPP which supports a wide range of data interfaces
 ■ Supports converged voice and data networks, enabling delivery of new services
 ■ Delivers customized bandwidthon-demand and tailored Service  Level Agreements (SLAs)
 ■ Enables interconnection of corporate networks
 ■ Reduces operational expenditure by streamlining network element numbers and reducing spares requirements
 ■ Improves operational efficiency through end-to-end network management and performance monitoring across the network


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