hiT 7080

Model: hiT 7080

hiT 7080
Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
A Compact Platform for Core and Metro Aggregation

Data sheet

The Coriant™ hiT 70xx series is a next generation multi-service transport solution comprised of several chassis, each with flexible configurations capable of supporting a wide variety of applications. The solution is compatible with traditional SDH and MSPP networks and also provides a simplified migration path to new next-generation
packet optimized transport solutions, ideal for serving the requirements of emerging converged networks.
The Coriant™ hiT 7080 platform is an important component of the hiT 70xx series solution. By sharing a common hardware pool and software packages with several platforms in the series, the hiT 7080 is part of a comprehensive networking solution that can simplify deployments, reduce operation costs, and leverage a rich and proven set of software features.The hiT 7080 is a flexible next generation transport platform capable of supporting SDH, Ethernet switching, ATM, OTN, WDM, and ASON/GMPLS functionalities on a single element.
With native SDH grooming and integrated packet switching capabilities, the platform provides the ideal solution for service providers to extend their SDH or MSPP
network while also providing an elegant path to cost effective and efficient packetbased transport solutions. In addition to a rich set of SDH grooming capabilities, the hiT 7080 supports a robust set of integrated Carrier Ethernet capabilities including pointto-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations. This approach provides investment protection for previously deployed equipment while also providing the opportunity to support new value-added services and applications such as mobile backhaul, business services, and residential connectivity (Triple Play).
The system boasts a flexible and scalable architecture capable of supporting services up to 10G as well as WDM options making it the ideal solution for both Metro and Core aggregation networks.


Your customers benefit from fast and flexible provisioning, as well as several  customized services like bandwidth on demand and VPNs. Multipointto-multipoint connections between different sites are possible with a QoS guarantee.

Your business can cover new voice and data markets with fast service deployment allowing you to quickly profit from new applications. New services in mobile business with LTE networks can also be built up using the hiT 7080.
Your investments are protected as you can easily support existing circuit-based services while introducing new packet-based services.

hiT 7080 MSPP
 ■ Simple, seamless deployment supports integration into existing network infrastructure with multivendor multi-layer interworking
 ■ Fast and flexible service introduction for transformation of SDH into packet networks
 ■ Advanced performance for multi-layer traffic aggregation and packet processing
 ■ Improve network efficiency with comprehensive native SDH and Ethernet grooming capabilities
 ■ Minimize operational costs with hardware and software synergies with other NEs from  the hiT 70xx series