FTB 5GPro - complete, all-in-one 4G and 5G test solution

Model: FTB 5GPro

FTB 5GPro test kit—helping you get 5G networks up and running fast

Data sheet

A versatile solution empowering field technicians and contractors to efficiently test fiber, RF and the transport network—from the core to the tower and all the way to your subscribers.

  • Fiber connector inspection
  • Fiber link characterization
  • Optical transceiver validation
  • Multi-protocol testing (CPRI, eCPRI/ORAN and Ethernet up to 100G)
  • Timing & synchronization
  • RF spectrum analysis 
  • Intelligent RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
  • Full line-rate gigabit speed testing for validating enterprise and residential customers’ QoE