AFD-6218 Amp Fault Detector

Model: AFD-6218-

The AFD-6218 is designed to be installed to detect power amplifier failures and automatically switches to spare amplifier.




 -   Automatic Check

   Check the status of amp connected to each channel automatically according to the time-set.

 - Display Amp Status

   Display the status of amp connected to each channel by LED

 - Automatic Change

   Channel which fault occurs when checking out the amp will be switched to spare amp automatically.

 - Check Time setup

    You can set up 5 different time intervals for automatic self check.


Amp Input  9 Channels (Spare 1 Channel)
Amp Output 9 Channels (Spare 1 Channel)
Audio Input 8 Channels
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Power Source DC +24V, 170mA
Weight (SET) 4Kg/8.8lb
Dimensions (SET) 482(W)×88(H)×280(D)mm/19(W)x3.5(H)x11(D)in
LINK IN/OUT Cable UTP Cable (500mm)

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